4 Great Shoe Styles to Wear with Skinny Jeans


Every woman’s been there – you’ve put together an ultra-cute outfit with your skinny jeans, but couldn’t decide which shoes would best complete the look. You may have been thinking your black heels were too dressy, it’s too cold for sandals, and you’re sneakers just don’t look right. If you’re having trouble choosing the right pair of shoes to complement your skinny jeans, don’t worry. Here are four great shoe styles to wear with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or Genie Slim Jeggings:

  1. Ankle Boots – Ankle boots are a great footwear choice for skinny jeans, and they can be used to create both causal and dressy outfits. When choosing an ankle boot, avoid styles with a wide top and blunt toe style. Rather opt for fits closely around your ankles and has a pointed toe.
  1. High Top Sneakers – Sometimes wearing sneakers with skinny jeans can make your feet look larger. However, tucking your skinny jeans into a pair of high top sneakers doesn’t create this effect because they don’t break the line of your leg at the ankles. High tops and skinnies are perfect for a causal day of shopping or just hanging out.
  1. Ballet Flats – Your ballet flats don’t have to be reserved for a day at the office. By pairing them with your skinny jeans, you can create a look that’s casual yet chic. Ballet flats with a pointed toe create an elongated look and will perfectly embellish your favorite skinnies.
  1. Pointy Toe Heels – Want to dress up your skinny jeans or Genie Slim Jeggings? Pointy toe high heels are the best option, as they will help you look longer and leaner. For a classic look, choose a pair of pointy toe heels in a staple color like beige or black. To create a fun outfit that’s still elegant, you can wear leopard print heels with a pair of black skinny jeans and a trendy blouse and sleek black blazer.

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