Get Stylish This Fall With Jeggings: Here’s How


As you probably already know jeggings are one of the most popular fashion trends today. After all, they’re extremely comfortable, very stylish and come in different colors. And with the official welcoming of the fall season, don’t be surprised when you see practically everyone wearing them. However, jeggings are also one of those tricky styles that many women wear completely wrong. Jeggings can certainly improve your outfit, as long as they’re worn correctly. To help ensure your fall outfits are right on cue this season, here’s what to pair jeggings with:

Cozy, long sweaters

Because jeggings are essentially pants, they look great with a long top. And with the welcoming of the fall season, a long cozy sweater to wear with a pair of jeggings is not only highly stylish but extremely comfortable. You can easily mix and match between different colored jeggings and sweaters, too.

Long Tunic Top

Jeggings are not only perfect to wear with a long sweater but a long tunic top as well. While jeggings are usually reserved just for casual wear, a tunic shirt or sweater and jeggings is very work appropriate as well. However, the one general rule of thumb when it comes to wearing a shirt with them is to be sure it covers you front and back and won’t cling to you when you walk or sit.

Cute dresses

In addition to sweaters and tunics, jeggings are also ideal to combine with a short dress. You can easily jazz up your outfit and still feel super comfortable by wearing jeggings with just about any dress. Short to mid-length dresses work best, but miniskirts and knee-length dresses also look super cute.

Long or short boots
While jeggings definitely look cute with a pair of flats, with the fall weather we experience a drop in temperatures. This means it’s time to break out the boots. Luckily enough, jeggings look great with tall and short boots. Just be sure to coordinate according to the top you choose to wear.

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